I have a Sony Vaio VGN-B3VP laptop, the problem I seem to have encountered is "T" is automatically seems to be entered entered into what ever is displayed. I.E. word excel etc automatically but the "T" key on the laptop does not seem to be functioning at all. I have already re-installed the operating system, can any one help with this ?

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Sounds like you need to replace the keyboard!

I have exactly the same fault on my Sony Viao,it isn't the keyboard as I have tried 3 different ones,and it still does it,it even happens when the keyboard is unplugged from the motherboard, it also beeps for a while when starting up but this stops when windows loads, I have cleaned the socket where the keyboard ribbon inserts and the area around it with no luck,at the moment I'm stumped, if anyone knows what the cause is I would be very grateful.

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