I do graphics, so i know a thing are two about graphic cardz, i'm also into gaming so i know about my graphic cardz!!!!! but a few days back i got the splinter cell chaos theory, i played pandora tommorrow fine, but when it was time to run this new one i got a D3DDrv.dll error, i seen this error back when i used my sister's old PC to run Unreal, but i never got this error before on my Navi!!
I researched the error and it said my graphic card doesn't have enough support for pixel shading, lieeeeeeeesss!!!! :mad: i got a ATI RADEON™ X700 Pro PCI Express 128MB that i installed just recently, so i'm certain there is a problem with the game itself!!!

can some1 share there ideaz about this....... :mrgreen:

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why r u using a PCI card? surely if u know anything about graphics u'd be using an AGP card??

Umm, billenium_uk, that's a PCI-Express card he's using. You could say it's better than an equivalent AGP model. ;)

buddylee614, is this a new card you've just installed? Do other games work fine? Do you have the latest drivers for the card (make sure you uninstall any previous drivers properly before updating)?

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