i recieved an asus cur-dls from my aunt the other day, she got it from a flea market, and i cant get the graphics to work at all. it beeps when it first starts up (configuring bois) and then makes some alarm sound, kinda high-low-high-low pitch beeps, but still no video. what is it alarming about and why is there no video? it has an onboard graphics card and no space for an extra.

bios alarm tends to be heat related, make sure the cpu heat sinks are properly placed for both cpus.

The fact that its from a flea market makes the motherboard highly suspect as well, its highly probable that it doesn't work completely.

id kinda like to find all other options as far as issues. it is a nice board, so i want to save it any cheap way possible. if it is no good, i bought the tower for parts anyways.

please check your cabinet once whether the graphics card is placed correctly or not ?

the graphics is on board,, and there is no place for a card to be installed. the case switch has been looked into and bypassed.