so im back with another good one...

my in-laws came to me and told me that their computer wouldn't turn on. they told me that for the past little while, the power would work only some of the time, until recently when it wouldn't work at all.

i tested the power supply (450w Antec) and sure enough, it failed.
replaced the power supply with a 500w Coolmax, and it still didn't turn on.

i then thought that the power switch was no good, so i tested it with 4 separate (working) switches, but still nothing.

i even went to the extent of swapping the ASUS P5L-VM 1394 with a brand new ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS board. hooked everything up... and still nothing.

the switch on the case works with other motherboards (using the same 500w coolmax PSU), but i just can't get either ASUS board to turn on.

has anyone had any compatibility problems with Coolmax PSUs and ASUS boards??

anything at all... please... im out of ideas.

thanks for reading.

sorry, just wanted to correct something... that new power supply is not COOLMAX... it is COOLER MASTER.