I turned my computer on this morning and the green light came on but nothing happens. I don't even hear the fan running. When I hold the green button in to turn it off nothing happens.

Does anyone know what could be the problem.

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Can you hear one(1) beep when the machine starts? Also are you sure the monitor cable is connected firmly and plugged in, if the cables aren't secured they pop out fairly easily.

Have a emachine W3050--got it Nov2003 or Nov2004; it has been telling us for few days that virtual memory is low yet I could not find a way to fix this. Now it freezes at the account log on page. I have tried to reboot, safe mode, safe mode with command, etc everything possible except to do a system recovery. I have family pics I was trying to get off of the computer; I figured maybe this was some of the cause. Please help.

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