I installed a SATA PCI card (VIA VT 6421A) with a Maxtor DiamondMax 22 500 GB hard drive, and need a little help figuring out how to make my PC boot from this drive.

I installed the drivers from the RAID card drivers CD to floppy, and when installing my windows XP, I was able to successfully press F6 and load the RAID drivers and install xp to the maxtor hard drive. When I re-started the computer, it realized there was no hard drives installed. (The previous hard drive was physically disconnected and removed).

My computer DOES know where the RAID card is installed, and that it is using IRQ 12. And I have begun the installation of windows xp.

My mainboard is a ECS P4S5A (SiS 645) and uses the xp4 chipset. Again, the SATA PCI card is a VIA VT 6421A.

How can I make my mainboard recognize that there is a hard drive attached to the RAID card using IRQ 12 (I forget which actual PCI slot it is in, but the computer does know it is there)?


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Don't think it's possible you may have to boot from a drive on the motherboard and use the raid array as a data storage only. There also may be certain higher end raid pci cards that do boot.

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Select SCSI as your boot option in the BIOS. If no success try updating the BIOS of your motherboard

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