The raid 1 on my friends machine does not appear to be working correctly. When it starts up it looks for the raid and then when it finds it there is a message that says degraded on one and error on another. What does a person do to get this fixed? I am pretty sure that this means one of the hdd has gone sour. When I do replace it can I replace it with a larger hdd? There are 320 in there now but I would like to replace it with a 500gb or larger. I know that it will convert it to only a 320 but shortly I would like to replace that one with a 500gb also. Will that work? If I would put in a larger hdd let it rebuild and then put in a larger one to replace the one that is still good to get a larger hdd array? Thanks.

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I have placed the new hdd in and it shows it is a good hdd with the smart test. The problem is how do I rebuild it? There are no options anywhere to do this. It is a gigabyte board with an Nvidia nForce 570sli running it. When I go into F10 it gives me 3 choices of what to do but when I hit R for rebuild it just goes back. There is no other option any place that I can see to rebuild. WHAT do I do?


Ok, now I have a question on the hdd itself. Can I partition the hdd and then use the one part for the raid and the other for extra storage? Is that possible? Just a thought.

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