When I turn on my computer, the screen comes up a weird light blues with Parser Message. taskmgr.exe-Application Error

Then if I hit control alt delete, I get Window's can not load the user's profile but has logged on w/the default profile for the systme

Also get this message
Details: Insufficient system resources , exit to coomplete the requested service

Also get this message

The application failed to initialize properly ()xc000012d) Click OK to terminate application

When the screen comes up it is kind of a checked light blue on top and bottom and solid light blue in the middle.

This is every erroe I can see. I know nothing but need this computer and can't afford to have anyone fix it.

It has also seemed to be very slow when it starts up for a while. Can anyone help me please?


You either have malware/viruses trying to run on start up or your hard drive is failing. That would be my educated guess.

You would have to have someone service to correct these issues.