I wonder why my laptop does not recognize its LCD screen, ie on Windows, for example, only I get the external display that I have connected.

I put a little situation.
-An external monitor works. Therefore, the integrated graphics card on the motherboard works.
"The bios works (from an external monitor is), so the motherboard can not be broken.

"Possible causes:

LCD-Display. I can not, when broken LCD screens, windows continues to recognize, but not see anything.

LCD-flex cable. It is the number one to be the culprit. Do you think I should use a multimeter to discard?

-Connectors on the motherboard to flex cable. It's hard to be this.
-Connectors of the screen. Idem.

What do you think I should do?

Sorry mi english.

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What os (operating system) are you using? i might be able to help you.


windows xp, but the screen is not recognized in bios


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I'm on windows 7, but these steps should work for you.
1. Start
2. control panel
3. search for hardware and sound
4. click on windows mobility center
5. click on the display settings, and you should know what to do next.

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