Would appreciate some guidance. This is about my 20th build; others mostly uneventful but this one has me stumped. My parts are:

Gigabyte Mainboard - ga8IP775-G
Intel 630, 3.0 Ghz
Samsung 3200 Ram, 2 sticks of 512, cas 2
MSI FX5200 Video Card
Plexwriter Premium CDR 52x
Maxtor 160 gig 16 meg cashe
Standard ATX case with 480W power supply

Round ONE:
System posted for about 10 seconds and died. Rechecked all connections, everything dead. Disconnected all but video and ram, still dead. Tried video and ram in another pc, it works fine.

Round TWO
Replaced processor with another intel 630 3.0 ghz. No Post but CPU and Case fans are running. Cannot hear HD spin and CD will not open door.

Changed Power Supply - same results as above.
Tried again with only video and ram, same results.

Anything else I should try before buying another motherboard??


Check the mounting points on your motherboard to make sure you are not shorting any traces to ground. Also check the clearance to the sides of the case. Look on the bottom of the motherboard where the mounting screw holes are located. If you don't have a round solder pad on the bottom of the board and there are circuit traces close to the holes, put a plastic or fiber washer between the board and the mounting standoffs. You can use tape on the board but some types of adhesive used on electrical tape can cause corrosion. Finally check for pinched wires and make sure your processor is properly seated and locked.

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