help my cd drive doesnt read.
now i cant play any games on it.

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Is this a laptop or a desktop system?
Who made the system and what is its model number?

Can you open and close the CD tray?
Does the drive show up in Explorer or My Computer?

Are you able to open the system up to remove and reinstall the cables on the drive to make sure they haven't worked loose?

Have you made any recent software updates (installed new Windows patches, installed new drivers, etc)?

You say that you can't play games now. Does this mean that only games don't work and some other CDs are able to be read, or does this mean that you only use your drive to play games?

Please answer all these questions and not just some of them.

hahaha i just fixed it.
i went to the bios and turned the cd divice on thats all i had to do.

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