Granddaughter tried to 'make it go' when she plugged a Dell monitor, D1028L, into my Sony VAIO. Pins were bent everywhere and one is broken in two from trying to straighten. Straightened the other pins but picture is very purple.
Can a monitor cable be replaced by a newbie/amature/nottoobright user? Do I just look for another monitor? Is my Sony in danger now with this connection?
Thanks for any advice!

Ouch... Sorry to hear about your monitor.

As for whether the plug can be easily fixed or not depends on the monitor. Some monitors have a cable plug on each end and can be removed from the monitor in order to replace it with a new one. Check the back of the monitor to see if there is a plug at the back of the monitor or if the cable goes into the monitor itself. Check to make sure there isn't a panel or cover over part of the back of the monitor that would hide the plug. Sometimes you can just snap that cover off in order to remove the plug.

If the cable runs inside the monitor, you can not replace it easily. There are plug replacements that I have seen used, but they require soldering skills and very careful attention to pinning arragements. If the plug must be replaced, take it to a repair shop to get an estimate. If the price is too high, you'll have to bite the bullet and purchase a new monitor.

Thanks Chris B,
I took the cover off and drat, it is hard wired all the way.
I don't supposed there are any salvageable parts I could give away. . . ?
Well, there must be some new LCD owner that would like to give away their old monitor. *sigh*

Thanks again!