I just put together my new comp.

Asus P5Ld2
Pentium prescott LGA775 3 ghz
Samsung 160 gig sata
Zalman CNPS7700-Cu

I have a couple of questions and i hope i can ask them all here. First is instead of buying a new HDD, I took my old one that already has windows on it. It is a SATA. What should i do? Should i reformat everything? how should i go about this? it seems my MOBO didnt come with a SATA RAID Floppy disk thingy. Also,when i go into the bios and change the boot sequence to cd-rom, it does not boot from the cd. Could this be because i plugged it into the wrong IDE plug? the is 3 IDE plugs, one blue and two red.

Second is when i started up my comp for the first time with my old SATA HDD in it, it said that there was an error with my CPU fan. Than it tells me to press F1. When i press this, it brings me into my BIOS. What should i do?

I have another question = P
My case comes with the thermometer thing. should i put it between the Cpu and fan? because i put it there and my case does not show the temperature or anything. Maybe its the thermometer thing i put between the cpu and fan?


1----its maybe best to format the hdd,backup and format as the computer the hdd was in before may have errors with recognising your new specs

2----i seriously have no idea why the bios could check out your fan problem as the fan is leading from the power supply not the board--this leads into the next answer

3----jam your sensor between the cpu and hetsink (i have an xblade and it gives accurate readings) make sure you check the cpu heat from the sensor as the bios seems to be understanding the cpu is heating up [it automatically thinks its a fan problem]

good luck!

Thanks for the reply = P

I went into the bios and turned off my fan speed alarm and it went through perfectly. Now, my next question is:

I had an MSI motherboard before. It came with an SATA floppy so i could reformat. My new ASUS however does not come with a SATA floppy. Is it located in the Cd? or does this motherboard not need a cd and can recognize it by itself.

Also, There are many ide plugs on my motherboard. I plugged my CD-ROM drive into the red one on the left. I went into the bios and changed the boot sequence to CD-ROM first and HDD second. for some reason it doesnt boot from the CD. Did i plug it into the wrong ide plug?

The drivers should be on the CD. I'm an MSI user, so have no idea about ASUS.

There is only one way you can plug the IDE data cable: With the notch on the plug facing upward. If the notch faces down, you won't be able to insert the cable(unless you possess strength equivalent to the hulk, in which case a desktop computer isn't for you ;))

Also, make sure the optical drive is detected in the BIOS. If not, check your connections, especially the power and data. Check that the jumper settings are correct.

Lastly, ensure the disk is bootable. I've had people call me saying their drive isn't booting and the problem was a non bootable CD.

The CD's IDE cable should plug into the blue IDE connector. Make sure that you have the jumpers on the drive set properly. My recommendation would be to set the drive to CS (cable select) and attaching the last plug on the cable to attach the CD drive. Make sure that the blue plug on the cable plugs into the blue connector on the motherboard. The grey and black connectors are to connect drives.

The temperature probe is to be mounted where it touches the side of the chip but is not between the chip's top surface and the heatsink. With the heatsink removed, put the temperature probe where it should go and us a small amount of tape to secure it there. Do not put the tape over any part of the chip surface. After you have installed the probe, put a new layer of thermal paste on the chip and reapply the heatsink. You can see an example of a proper temperature probe installation here.

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