I have installed a new AGP card a Chaintech nvdia Ge Force 4200 128mb. This replaces a PCI card. The monitor does not recognise the card and will not boot up. If I re-install the old card into its PCI slot and plug the monitor in to the new AGP card, the new card works fine.BIOS is set to AGP and the old PCI card is disabled. Thinking it was working fine, I removed the old PCI card and the monitor started up with the new card. However my joy was shortlived. Upon turning the computer on the next morning - the same problem occured. The monitor remained black and the computer beeped and turned off. I have tried this a couple of times with the same result. Should I just give up and install the old PCI card back in as its presence seems to be required even though it is disabled.(Motherbaord is a Gigabyte GA 7DXR).

Hi joodee,
you need to COMPLETELY UN-install the old card BEFORE you can install a new one. ...THEN...Using the default onboard (ie. motherboard video connection) video.. you can then re-install your new AGP video card.
Hope this helps :)
ps-post back & let us know the good news !

RGPHNX, we've been through this before. Windows drivers are playing no part in this problem - the machine will not even boot up with only the new card in. Also, that motherboard does not have onboard video.

joodee, are you able to test the card in another system? (make sure it has an AGP4X slot or better)

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