I have had this freezing for the last two weeks. I have updated my power supply, ram, graphic card, all drivers, patches, directx9 etc.
Pc World tried for three days to fix the problem, no good. BF2 freezes as you join game. I have just tried a new sound card, a philips psc724 24 bit. It actually gets into the game but now freezes as I need to choose weapons etc. I can hear everything but the mouse has frozen.
My current system is P4, 2.8. 2 gig ram, nvidia 6600 256 meg graphic card and I am on 4 meg broadband connection. Previous to the last two weeks, I have been playing BF2 since launch, no probs. Reformatted and it all started. Help! :cry: SOMEONE out there MUST have the answer to this. Any takers lads?

I am having the same proble...have you figured it out?

Hmmmmm, I'm an avid BF2 player. To the thread starter you basically have the same system as me, except for I have a 6800GS. I only have a 250watt PSU right now though. Anyway, the problem you're having is definately a graphics problem. Is your card overclocked? Have you checked to make sure the fan on the card is running? If your card is OCed then that is most likely the problem and you need to tweak down the clocks.

What drivers are you using? Drivers are very specific oriented for every card, especially borderline cards which u are only 1 step above with a 6600. I'd try the 77.77 drivers if I were you with that card ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/

Also, go into your bios and set your AGP aperture to 256mb, the same as your card. now, since you have 2 gigs of RAM go into your advanced settings for virtual memory and set your page file minimum and maximum to 2000mb.

For future reference, you should go to totalbf2.com, get registered and post any more problems at that site uder the support section. Those guys really know thier stuff when it comes to BF2 tweaking. Remember BF2 is the most demanding video game ever developed and performance issues are no surprise to anyone nor should they be. I've been there as well, All your specs are good ta go except for your card. The 6600 can run the game, but it is borderline and I've heard more bad than good things about it. I have the 6800GS which you can get for $200 easily, it comes set at 12 pixel pipelines, but you can unlock 4 pipes with Riva Tuner to make it 16 pipes and if you have the PSU you can run the game on high settings. I run the game on all medium settings with 2xAA only because I don't have a strong enough PSU to run high. But it's a great carda dn I'd strongly recommend it to you once you have the funds to upgrade.

If you're still having the problem, let me know if these tips help any and we'll go from there.

O yea! make sure you keep your cache for BF2 clear under my documents-bf2-logocache

Geez, I just realized he posted that September of last year, LOL. Anyway, there's some tips for future BF2 players who experience similar issues ;)

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