A friend gave my family a 2 or 3 year old Mac Powerbook G4 when they moved away. We have two PCs(which we understand much better) and we would like to transfer the 2500+ songs on the mac over to the pcs, that way we can put them on ipods, and not have to reformat the ipods over and over, since it deletes all the other songs...

anyways.....we've tried burning dvd-r discs with all the songs, using finder. at the VERY end, when it's supposed to authorize the disc, it says an error has occured. We've tried burning three discs like this, with the same result. WHAT are we doing wrong?!?! also, is there an easier way to transfer the songs?? we've tried networking too, but when we press "connect" on the mac, it waits a few seconds, then it says connection failed. So yeah, computers haven't been very nice this past week......

ANY help is appreciated!!! Please reply!!

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I don't know what your doing wrong with the DVD buring, but my advice would be to send them over the network via windows networking to the windows machines.

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