My Presario 2100 was recently sent to a local shop that deals specifically with notebooks, because it had a cracked LCD and I wanted to see if they could drop it into a new case. The decided that the charge would be $1200, so I asked them kindly to return it to me, like it was before. When I got it back, I plugged it in, and... nothing. No lights, absolutly nothing. It was working fine when I sent it in, other than the LCD, and I am afraid to take it apart because I have only ever dealt with desktop machines.... no laptop experience at all. Is there any way I can check the power source, other than the laptop, to see if it works itself? Otherwise, I havn't a clue what to do... I've tried removing the battery and cleaning the various inlets, but to no avail. I'm getting desperate! Thanks =).

Go to Compaq site which links to hp and see details on how to get a pdf download of the model and assembly instructions. It should explain how to reconnect cable plug onto motherboard most likely it was disconnected for alternate screen test. If not was it a authorised center? That may give you certain recourse which should have been spelled out on terms of repair.

You can't normally drop a laptop motherboard into a new case. The shop should have explained thay to you. If you are not getting any lights at all, I suspect a power problem with either the AC adapter or the DC power jack in the back of the laptop. Are you sure they gave you back the correct power adapter? I would return it to the shop and ask them to correct the problem. If you can prove it was working before they had it they should fix it to at least the condition they received it in. If the LCD was cracked, I don't know why they would have disassembled it anyway. They could have given you an estimate on a replacement LCD from a visual inspection without taking it apart. Also make sure your memory is still inside the laptop?

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