I am new to this forum and I would like to first say hi. I am Daniel Meyers, 21, sacramento california. I have been a heavy pc users since I was in 3rd grade. But Mac's offer a great deal more in terms of thier video editing and overall stabuility. :mrgreen: Anyway, Hello to mac users! LOL

I recelty was helping my girl friend out with her mac computer trying to put her on my new wireless network. I was installing the SBC software for the DSL, and for some reason i can't see the AIR PORT EXTREME card any more. I have removed the hardware from the computer completely and put it back in. Still the imac labtop won't see the card as a way to connect to the next work. I am usuing a standard 802.11g router made by lyncs router ( I think that is how you spell it) anyways if you have any ideas as to reinstall this card I can get her off my computer and back on hers :) thanks.

Oh i have standard web encryption. using passkey

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As a quick test you could disable the WEP for 5 minutes to see if the driver appears. WEP probably not the problem but this would eliminate the possibility. If the code has been changed recently of course this becomes more likley.

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