I have the following hardware:

Intel D865PERL Board

SATA 0: Maxtor 6B200M0
SATA 1: (empty)

Primary IDE (Master): Westren Digital WD400BB
Primary IDE (Slave): (empty)

Secondary IDE (Master): Yamaha CDR2200E
Secondary IDE (Slave): Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-115

Now, hewre are some shots:

Simple Device Manager:

Detail of Primary IDE (First):

Detail of Primary IDE (Second):

Detail of Seconadry IDE (First):

Detail of Seconadry IDE (Second):

As you can see, my CDRW and DVD are okay but one of my HDD is working in PIO mode...

Now, the First Primary IDE show an UltraDMA 5 HDD. I don't know whether it's my SATA (Maxtor) drive or the PATA drive (WD)?
Where should SATA drives show up?
I think the Ultra DMA is not my SATA as I am having major slowdown in data copying and moving...
I think my Maxtor SATA is in PIO mode...

I have tried my best to explain the issue but if more info is required, then I'm willing provide.

BIOS Setting: Default (Enhanced: All SATA/PATA resources enabled!)


Okay, I acted upon the registry instructions given in the URL which I posted earlier and I had to make a few changes as the instructions were dealing with PATA drive(s) only... there was no SATA drive on the guy's PC...

Strangely enough, Microsoft decided to let SATA "fit" itself along PATA by unifying there, lets say, behaviors...

As in the first post, it turned out that my SATA was in PIO mode and it was damn slow! I was getting too many BSoDs...

My registry status:


As you can see in the picture, I have more Registry-Folders under {4D36E9[u]6A[/u]-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.

\0000 = Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers
\0001 = Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers
\0002 = Primary IDE Channel
\0003 = Secondary IDE Channel
\0004 = Primary IDE Channel
\0005 = Secondary IDE Channel

(This resembles my very first picture in post #1)

Now, \0005 was empty and I already found out that the 2nd Primary IDE Channel was representing the two SATA ports. So It meant that \0004 was my playground!

I also confirmed the \0003 had devices which were my CD/DVD ROMs and \0002 had something on Master and it was actually my Western Digital Hard Drive.

I deleted the two keys, MasterIdDataCheckSum and SlaveDeviceDetectionTimeout (others mentioned in the URL were not there!) and added the new DWORD as told...

Rebooted, and happy days returned as both my PATA and SATA Drives were running at UltraDMA 5 and my CDRW and DVD at UtraDMA 2 (They were from day 1 :p )!

Hope this helps and I’ll stand by to explain further...

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