Hi all, this really isn't a booting problem, but a hardware problem. For the last couple months I haven't been able to keep my AC Adapter plugged in for my Compaq Presario 2100 notebook computer. I even bought a new adapter and the same thing has happened. If I apply a certain amount of pressure and angle it in a certain direction, it will stay in sometimes but not always. The area around the needle that it's plugged into is pretty hot as well. Is there anything I can do to have it fixed or should I just buy a new laptop?

If you are using the right adapter, then it sounds like the DC Power jack on the motherboard is loose. You should have this repaired immediately because if the power jack shorts against anything else inside the laptop you could damage the motherboard and end up replacing it. You should take it to a repair technician unless you are skilled at soldering electronics yourself. The jacks are available from several eBay vendors. Just make sure you get the correct one for your laptop.