I've been looking for an hour now, at tons of Internet Computer Help Forums, and cannot seem to find the answer to my simple question.

How hard is it, if at all possible, to remove the blur from large CRT monitors?

I currently have a 19" CRT and a 21" CRT, and they both have blurs around the edges of the monitor. Please, I need assistance. Is it possible that computer repair stores locally around me can fix a monitor blurring problem? What causes the blur?

Please note, that I am not using them side by side in dual monitor mode... just in case you got that impression.

Thanks in advance.

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For starters, running those monitors at 160Hz is too high, and I'm surprised they never generated an "Out of range" error.

Take the monitor(s) to a technician. A TV repair shop would be quite OK. Whilst most CRT monitors have adjustment for focus (blur) it is an internal adjustment, and unless you are quite familiar with working inside such appliances it is NOT a job to try yourself. The focus needs to be adjusted with the monitor working, and for the inexperienced a slight slip-up can potentially be a 'get dead' scenario!


yes, I don't think I will try to fix it myself... I've changed my mind.

Thank you however, for the answer. :)

I will bring it in for repairs. I lowered the refresh to 100.

By the way, my 21" actually does have a focus adjustment available by using the buttons on the front of the monitor itself. But it still does not focus enough at all. It's completely out of focus.

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