i am thinking of buying a new notebook. For that reason, i have to know which processor to go for. Can anyone inform me more on intel and AMD processors and which one is better??

Thanks in advance


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For laptops, I'd recommend a Centrino based machine. It's the latest rage going on.

Where can i get more information on centrino and other processors ??

I guess it depends what you are going to be using the computer for... Intels are "all the rage" :P but if you want to use the laptop for gaming (sheesh, if you can affford it!) AMD will probably be better.. Again it just depends what you wanna use it for. Me, i'd use AMD but i'm pathetic and biased like that ;) Been using AMD's all the time, it would be wrong to use an intel :P

To be clear, Im an AMD lover too, but many ppl still want to go by "Intel Inside"

Buy AMD. Intel is just a brand and over pricing. That way they come out with celeron.Not much different but the price huge different.

U are very much right. Even I wanna go for AMD processor for my laptop, but some one told me that Amd heats up very fast and is not suitable for laptops.
Any comments??

laptops i would go hands down the the pentium m...my laptop never even gets warm...

just an fyi to make things clear...centrino is not a processor...it a package deal. A laptop is called "centrino" when it has a pentium m processor and the intel wireless card. You can still have a pentium m computer without the intel wireless card and pay less...but you wont have the "cool" centrino sticker. Just go with a pentium m in a laptop and you will be more than happy. I know i am :)

Yes. AMD might be generate more heat and maybe not. Just some miss conception due to previous AMD CPU. But is not a problem.If you use the laptop in an aircon room. There is no different and will not overheat.Very seldom heard that CPU damage in a laptop because normally CPU will not mulfunction unless someone overclock it more than 20% of the speed. Since normally laptop don't have overclocking function, so no problem at all.
I'm also using laptop with AMD chip for 6 month not problem at all and desktop more than 2 year without additional fan. Just remember never overclocking. There have hundreds enginneer working on the chip, so will not fail.

AMD chips DO NOT have a heating issue anymore. In fact, the Intel Prescott core based chips run hotter than AMD and yet cannot match the performance provided by AMD. All processors will heat up if the heatsink/fan isn't installed properly.

Also, AMD chips can and are overclocked. I myself am running an old Athlon XP 2000+ with a stock speed of 1.6GHz at 2.00GHz with no extra cooling fan and the stock AMD provided heatsink fan combo.

Right. I am going for AMD laptop now . But the thing is , i only know of ACER which gives Amd processors. Are there any other companies also ?

Unfortunately, not many major brands build systems with AMD chips.

IBM, Dell, Toshiba, and Sony are currently all Intel-only.

Compaq, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, and Acer offer a selection of systems available with either AMD or Intel processors.

OK. Which AMD processor is best for notebooks in terms of pure PERFORMANCE. Is it Mobile AMD Athlon™ 64 or what? And which Intel processor gives it the nearest competition.

i am also not very happy with there L2 cache memory( 1MB) . Intel offers 2MB cache. Does it really makes a diiference??

If you use it only for Internet and paper work. Any processor will be OK, if you not using for high graphic performance gaming or any high graphic requirement will be fine only when open application will slow by few second that will not kill you right.
Unless you are impatient type of people.
You choose AMD b'cos is cheaper, so go for value for money(buy) or within your budget.
What you need to think for a loptop is protable that why size important from 10 inch to 15 inch.
What is you intended o use for your new PC?
Most of the laptop warranty is 1 year only, if you want extended warranty need pay extra. Only TwinHead offer 3 year warranty FOC as I know. (have a choice of AMD and Intel)
Battery life for all laptop is about 500 cycle of charging. Cost to replace it from US$100 to $400 depending on brand and model.

I will be requiring my laptop for programming , media - music , movies , and occasionally gaming. Therefore, i want my laptop to give max. performance.

I will be requiring my laptop for programming , media - music , movies , and occasionally gaming. Therefore, i want my laptop to give max. performance.

well in my opinion for everything but gaming a pentium chip will almost always outperform an amd chip. It looks like for your needs it is much better...but to be quite honest...you will not notice the difference between processors most likely so just go with the best deal you can find...remember more ram and a faster hard drive will always make a laptop perform on day to day tasks better than one with less ram a slower hard drive but a blazing fast processor...

Then you should have a laptop with minimun
1. LCD size bigger than 14 inch
2. RAM 512 Mb (best is built in 512 Mb so you will have spare slot to upgrade if not you will regret when you want to upgrade)
3. Good graphic card on board

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