Hi all,

My computer seems to have a problem with its peripherals (no display on the monitor, no red light on the mouse and lights on the keyboard won't light up). The computer does power up (blue led lights, fans, motherboard lights) and I can open and close the DVD ROM.

Most of the hardware is new, and I have owned (and used) it for almost a year now. But some of it was just taken from my last computer.

motherboard: ASUS P6X58D - NEW
CPU: Intel i7 930 - NEW
PSU: Thermaltake 750 Watt - NEW
RAM: 2X2G G Skill Trident - NEW
Video Card: XFX Nvidia 280 - OLD
OS: Windows XP - OLD

I do plan to upgrade the old parts soon, so if the problem lays in one of them then I will have an excuse to upgrade :P

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I should also mention that before the problem started this happened:

I was playing a computer game then a blue screen appeared. Then, instantaneously the monitors went black. The computer remained on (fans, led lights ect.) but there was no display. I then forced it to shut down (holding the power button for 3 seconds).

i think your cabinet (Chases)was old there is your SMPS (Power Supply) also old and it not working properly so change your SMPS , it's 100% works

Hmm, no I replaced the power supply and case when I got the new parts.

I have a thermaltake armor+ mx case and a thermaltake 750 watt Toughpower powersupply.

They might not be the latest, but they should be sufficient shouldn't they?

Just tried turning it on again today, and was able to. But it seems to be running very slowly. Also when it experiences a sudden small shocks (putting books on the desk or closing the side flaps that are unique to thermaltake armor cases) it would freeze.

If it is sensitive to that kind of small shocks, I think you have a bad connection somewhere.
I recommend to first check all the connectors to the motherboard, including video card, ram, and so forth.
If that doesn't work, you should remove the motherboard and everything else that might be in the way, and remount the motherboard - here is a good guide you might want to read first:

If you manage to do it properly, I believe your problem is solved.

If you didn't assemble it your self - you should get some help from a friend who have tried it before, or maybe a professional.
Remember that static electricity can easily burn any of your components, so be careful to avoid that. :)