A friend brought me their computer hoping I could fix it. No signal to the monitor. Tried new video card, did not help. Since Acer used a 250 watt power supply to run a
2ghz, 2 gig Ram, duo processor, I considered that perhaps the power supplied might be enough to run the led lights and the fan but not start the processor, so replaced power supply with a 450 watt supply and tried again, (from Frys) wouldnt even bring the lights or the fan on, returned that, got another 380watt power supply and put that in, the lights are on the fan is on and the dvd player shows lights and power getting to it, tried an auto start cd (music) in the cd rom and plugged in speakers, but sound did not start. and still no signal to the monitor. To insure power across the board, removed the memory and DID get the no memory beep code. replaced one stick of the memory and removed the battery, shorted out the jumper, (the board is an
N1996) started it without the battery in it, no beep codes, nothing to monitor, turned off, put brand NEW battery in turned back on, still nothing, monitor just blinks the amber light. Monitor is my own used for diagnosing computers and fixing them in my kitchen, owner has flat screen for her own use, but said no signal to it either. Cannot access bios or cmos because no way to read screen that remains black. Got some hope that it was not the board when I was able to retreive the beep codes for the memory. Any suggestions? Ive seen the answers here to other problems similar to this, and have not found any that worked for any of them. Also cannot seem to find a schematic for this particular board anywhere online would appreciate any help offered. Madaboutcha@hotmail.com

Have a look at the motherboard and see if any of the capacitors are domed up or leaking. If you find any like it then they will need to be replaced!

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