hi all
hope someone can help.
my girlfriend has a toshiba satellite pro the other day she desided to tell me her avg ran out and was not protected so i installed a new 2011 avg unfortunatly she got a virus called windows scan i tried everything poss to get rid off it then i whent onto the web as u do and was told to download malwarebytes and hyjack this evrything was working fine until i tried deleting the items on malwarebytes the computer shut down and now all it does is windows boot so i click on repair windows and it stays on black screen it also sounds like it is running in the background also all downloads are origianal and sorry when u click on run windows run as normal it does the same help she keeps wanting to go on my computer. sorry about the spelling thanks scott

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Is it possible to start windows in safe mode? (push F8 repeatedly after bios POST)
if it is, then try to run msconfig, and disable all non essential programs in the startup, reboot and see if it works.
after you get it to boot, re-enable the disabled programs one by one (reboot after each one), or maybe run a new full scan by mbam, to see it it missed anything at the first run.

If you have an original windows repair/install dvd, you can also try to boot from that, and select the repair option.

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