Hey u all
Im sitting here in DK, with a Dell inspiron 1501 with xp 32 bit home OS
Have got a BSOD and after that a black screen only with the caps lock flashing, have tryed to reboot but nothing happens, have split the laptop totally and asamblet it again, still nothing,
is there anything I can do to get the thing working again, or does it have to be repaired?
I do not get into bios, or see the start logo
Pleace can anyone help me, the deperate Dane.

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Hey , does your computer beep or do anything else ?

no beep or anything

what went wrong, I mean how did it start?
Which OS are you using??

did you manage to fix this problem?
i have had the exact same thing happen to my sisters laptop, and i have no idea how to fix it. i have tried running the operating system disk that you get with the laptop but as you cant do anything it was an exercise in futility.
she is running windows vista 32 bit i think, i cant be sure. it is definitely vista though.
John Bear

john bear i had or rather am having the same problem as yours did i have a toshiba vostro a380 kindly tell me what solution you used and if it now works thanx....

john bear I meant a dell vostro nt toshiba sorry for the error

all you have to do is call dell and ask them to replace the system because u cannot do anything.. probbly the one causing the problem is the mother board...=)) but if u still have the warranty they can replace it right away.. chill and relax

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