Like many people in the US, we've had some very extreme cold weather here that caused the state to implement rolling blackouts. Of course, this was done without notice. I went to bed two nights ago, with four computers on as I rarely shut them down. You guessed it, I came in the next morning after the first power outage, and checked the computers. Three were unaffected by the abrupt loss of power, but alas a Linux computer that I was running, failed to power up.

I did all the basics of checking the socket and reassuring the connections, to no avail. I get nothing at all...not even a peep or fan.

I have LITTLE expertise in diagnosing hardware failures, so is this most likely the Power Supply? I guess I'm hoping it is, since that would be a relatively easy fix to make. It's a standard ATX kind of case.

Thanks for your help and patience in advance.


A simple test. Unplug all the power supply internal cables. Then with the motherboard power cable (the biggest one) short the green wire to any black with a paperclip or bit of wire. It should spin it's fan up, if it doesn't, it's a dodo!