In another thread in the Video Card section of these forums, I started a thread regarding a problem involving my power supply and my video card. My conclusing from the discussion held there was that the problem seems to be the amount of power my video card pulls through the motherboard is insufficient for the workload the card is designed to handle.

An extremely helpful individual pointed out that there is a chance that I might be able to adjust the amount of power supplied to the video card by making changes in the BIOS, which is something I have yet to tinker with. Can anyone suggest a website that covers this kind of material, or give me a walkthrough on how I might accomplish such a task?


Complete system specs would be good to have, eg; Which mobo, cpu, Ram etc.
Usually, cards that require extra power are fitted with a plug where one can connect a supply from the psu.
If you are overclocking the card, that also will require more power. That can sometimes be boosted in small increments in the BIOS, depending on the board.
Cards can also be modified using solder or conductive ink to increase their voltage.
Any increase in voltage increases the heat produced, so one has to be careful.
The 7600 is a pretty dated card now anyway, so why not just get a later card? 8800GT perhaps? I run a 7900GT EE version which I have found to be an excellent card. Runs G.R.A.W. flawlessly.

Just to update this, I recently upgraded the video card to the NVIDIA 8800 GTS, which includes the elusive addition in power. However, testing it out last night, I'm still having the same issues. Where might I find the logfile of the activities that lead up to the crash, and how might I go about analyzing it to see what's going on?