I know that there is a sticky about not being able to turn on your computer, but none of those answers applied to me. I really hope someone can help me with this, I'm utterly helpless without my computer. (Sadly.)

I was doing some stuff on my computer, then I left the room to make myself something to eat. I come back and my computer is off. I thought it was strange, and wondered if anything had automatically installed or updated that may have caused the computer to shut off. I turned it back on, and within seconds, it shut back off. I tried a second time, and in an even shorter amount of time (maybe 6 seconds) it had shut off again.

I tried turning it on in Safe Mode, and that didn't work either.

Before anyone asks, I do not have my Windows install disc. I also can't afford to lose ANYTHING on my computer, so re-installing Windows and losing everything is not an option.

I'm running Windows XP, the computer is about 5 years old but was rebuilt a year and a half ago. I have been worrying about the video card recently, and a couple of days ago I tried to update the driver. The install failed, although it said everything was compatible, and when I tried to play a PC game, it wouldn't launch because of the failed install. I did a system restore, and everything went back to normal. Could it be the video card? D:

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When you say shut down you mean it completely turns itself off and you have to press the on button to turn it back on?

When you say shut down you mean it completely turns itself off and you have to press the on button to turn it back on?

Yes. After lurking around the internet for a while, I'm almost positive that this is an overheating issue... I think there may be something wrong with my fan, and I think it was frying my video card. D:

If the fan turns on and works ok the n it shouldn't be overheating that quick, but if the fan isn't starting up properly when you turn on the computer then it will turn itself off. It could possibly be a faulty RAM stick. Try turning on the computer with only one stick and if it doesn't work then switch it with another.

It could also be a faulty power supply if possible try switching it with another and if you can't get a spare then just unplug the cd rom, hdd and anything else that you have that may be sucking up power and just boot it up and see if it still turns itself off

It would help if we knew what PC it is!

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