So my computer was orginally just shutting off by itself, at perhaps 30 minute intervals, then at quicker and quicker intervals until it would just start up and instantly shut down. When it did start up the processor fan would stutter and there would be no image on screen. Took it to one computer place where he said he put in another video card and it worked, narrowing it down to my video card. I really didn't want to believe that. Took it to another computer place was told my motherboard was fried cause they tried other video cards and it didn't work.

So I bought a new motherboard just installed it and it turned on and does not shut off, but there is no video, so I am thinking my video card must have been fried orginally and then my motherboard got fried. Hence why two places told me two different things.......

Sound like my video card is fried? Any ideas?

Could have initially been a faulty video card driver problem which could have been rectified by either upgrading the driver or just reinstalling it. The best way to have diagnosed the initial problem would have been to check the Event Log to see the error it was displaying when the problem occurred.

Your new mother board doesn't have an inbuilt video card does it? With your Second mother Board do you get to see the BIOS Screen when you turn it on?

i would try booting your computer into Safe mode with the old motherboard and video card to start with and reinstall the drivers.

If you read the first post fully, the machine shuts off after a few seconds. That absolutely cannot be down to a driver as the driver only starts up whan windows is loading. It's most likely to be a faulty graphics card or a faulty power supply unit or a motherboard fault, not a software fault!

I suggest testing the power supply first by unplugging the motherboard power connector and shorting the green to any black with a bit of wire or a paperclip. If the PSU doesn't fire up then it's the cause. If it does, you need to test all the voltages with a test meter. Black is ground, so keep the black probe connected to one of them. Yellow should give 12 volts, Red should give 5 volts, Orange should give 3.3 volts, White should give -5 volts, and Blue should give -12 volts. If any of the voltages are a long way off then the problem has been found!