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Hi All, has anyone had a similar problem with a HP Pavilion dv4000 lappy.
Totally dead - using battery or mains power.

Thanks in advance

Hay , I have the same problem with my Hp pavilion DV4000
It won’t start up and the only thing that goes on are the light on the media display light up. But it dose not boot up.
Any Ideas as to what it could the problem? Please let me know. Thanks


i have the same problem no results yet

When we first reviewed the hp dv4000 a couple months ago, it easily won Editors' Choice honors in our multimedia category. Its upgrade, the Pavilion dv4000, joins it at the top of the heap, with its own Editors' Choice title.


this is what i usually do:
1. open the memory cap and re-insert the memory, open the hardisk cap and re-insert the hardisk then try to restart the laptop but sometimes it wont work.
2. if step 1 wont work what i did is turn on the laptop using the remote power on.
3. if step 2 wont work turn on the laptop using the remote but this time only the dvd player.
4. Last resort if still wont work i will just give a light taps at the back of the laptop and try to turn the power button.
5. Sometimes i give up and will let my laptop rest for couple of days and gently put it on the table and turn it on. :)

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