I have a GE wireless keyboard and mouse that has been working fine. I started to have intermittent problems with the mouse and decided to clean the ball area. I opened the mouse and cleaned the pad material off of the rollers and reassembled the mouse. Now the mouse will freeze in place periodically and the quickest way that I can get it to function again is to move the scroll wheel on the mouse and then I can use the mouse again. It tends to freeze when it has sat in the same place for 20 or 30 seconds or when the page is changed or refreshed. The keyboard is still functioning without any problems. I also noted that the mouse will sometimes be frozen when the computer is booted up. I will then have to turn off the computer and restart it. During the restart I will have to constantly move the mouse and it will be ok when the boot up is complete. If I don't move the mouse it may or maynot unfreeze. I am running Windows XP. If anyone has any ideas about this I would surely appreciate the help. The mouse was frozen in place by the time I finished this post. :confused:

I really wasn't too suprised that no one had an answer for me on this problem, I don't really think that the GE keyboard is that popular. In fact when I finally figured out the problem I felt rather foolish :o, but for the sake of any others out there who may have this problem I would suggest that the first thing that you should do is check your mouse batteries. :idea: I went into the control panel and checked the mouse and under advanced options there was a battery level indicator and it said "LOW". I changed the batteries and wouldn't you know it the problem was cleared up :!: I didn't think to check that since the unit was fairly new and I didn't think that I used it that much, I was wrong. :)

It usually means junk got into the optical sensors.

It usually means junk got into the optical sensors.

Where should I look to find these sensors? I appears to be happening again and this time I know that the batteries are still good.

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