I've recently noticed on my Inspirion 8600 (ATI Radeon mobility 9600) that on gifs, and some jpgs, I'm losing color on (for example the smilies, icons, and banners on this site) almost as if my 32-bit color has been reduced greatly. I've tried resetting my settings but no no avail. And normal .jpegs are still the same.

Anyone have a idea what this mean? This has started only a few weeks ago, but seems to be progessivly getting worse


By "loss" do you mean degradation? I had this happen to me on my Matrox Dual monitor setup until I played with the adapter settings for a few days. I don't know your setup, nor what utilities your adapter uses, but I'm guessing you should just play processes of elimination with it until you're happy with the quality.


Yes. Its like my color settings are being rolled back bit by bit, but not all of them. the Smilies here have degradation, but the icon on my Trillian bar do not suffer from it (yet). I've fiddled with the control panel and settings, but so far, nothing.

Thanks for the help, though.


Yeah. For some reason, my taskbar icons looked like they were being displayed with 256 colors, but everything else (almost) was 32bit. No idea why, but I do know I was very frustrated.


I'd suggest that you do a realignment and adjust all the controls (contrast, brightness, color saturation, etc...)

Use this alignment utility which will guide you through the process and provide you with all the needed test patterns.

This utility is for Windows OS only and should work on all monitors.