Is there anywhere I can buy or some way that I can disassemble a usb device so that I can build a circuit or something on it. I would like to get the part that you plug into a computer and build a motor speed control circuit on it possible as a display or a fan. Does anyone know how to get the usb part of the materials. Thanks.

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hi,don't take this the wrong way please ,but one would think if you knew how to build a motor speed control circuit you could easily figure out how to get it connected to a device .

to the best of my knowledge ,you would need a lot of knowlede of electronics to do what you are trying to do,what kind of usb device do you have that you want to disassemble .
good luck


I was hoping for something that I didn't have to disassemble. You know how the variable resistors have the little loops for the jumper and such. I was wondering if there would be something like that except it would be on a usb.

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