I have a compaq 2200 and have not used it since July. I put another battery in; the power was low which is strange as it was plugged in. This battery charged and I did a few things. I then got a blue screen that said windows discovered a problem and shut my computer. I did not add and hard or software. It then went to the restart screen with options; and according to the directions I selected start normally, It never did; but kept repeating this screen. I finally took the battery out to turn off the machine but did put it back in.
When I came home the net day it showed green; yet I am unable to turn the machine on. I cannot tell if there is any energy in it or what.
I did try another power cord and another location to plug it in; but nothing.
When I hit the On button, there is a momentary flash of blue on the 2 lights in the front ' but nothing.,
Obviouly I am not tech savvy. but do need help.. please.

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Take out the battery and leave the computer totally without electricity for about 20 seconds. Then re-connect the battery and the cable and press start, clicking on F8 repeatedly as soon as you turn the computer on. Hopefully, it should open a menu of start up options. Choose Safe start and hopefully you'll be able to carry on from there. This, of course, is assuming that your OS is Windows.

efmesch ,thank you for the info. I have another question, please. Is there another way to turn on the computer other than the power button? Mine is loose and I was finally able to get a battery charged .Thank you

I'm afraid that I have no aadvice on your new question--Other than the
start" button, there is no other way to activate your computer--unless you want to open up the case. I wouldn;t suggest that you try to put your computer into a position of being opened in order to turn it on--too many other sensitive parts would be exposed and in danger of accidental shorting. If your activation button isn't working, then your best (and only) practical alternative is to bring it in for repair.

Thanks efmesch. I tried to start it; and the LED light did go on for a moment and I did hear something; but then nothing.. I do not know if the battery is another issue; I have 3 that I rotate.. but none will charge now.

It seems that the start of your problems was indicated initially by what is generally called the "Blue Screen Of Death". Usually it includes some information about what the problem is--sometimes in words sometimes in code. In any event, being usable to start up eliminates any option for correcting the BSOD problem.
So now we have to try and figure out if the charging/non-charging problem is in any way a cause of the blue screen.
Maybe I'm suggesting something that you've already tried, but if not, how about borrowing another battery and cord from someone whose Compaq computer is wowrking. That way we can aat least eliminate the problem up to the power plug on the computer.
If you've already done that and still cannot start, could it be that your power switch is faulty (loose or broken connection).
Once you can get the machine to turn on, it's a whole new ball game. Let's get to that point before trying any further ideas other than my first suggestion.

Hi efmesch, you are right.. I am working on your suggestion and will let you know.

I'm not holding my breath (Time differences cause delays)---but I look forward to hearing of your progress :-)

Hi, So here is the latest. glad you are not holding your breath!
I just got the computer to turn on.
It went to the blue screen of death, and then the screen that said Windows shit down my computer....
and the options to restarting.
The only one that would work is to start normally. and it did count down and I got the Windows XP screen.
it then went back to the blue and then restart screen.

sorry... shut down...

You've got me stumped--I can't understand why the computer is so "out of kilter" that it won't start in the "safe mode".
You've probably tried it more than once so I won't tell you to try the safe mode several more times.
With my limited knowledge, I would tend to put the blame in two possible directions:
1. A failed memory stick (a hardware problem that can turn up any time). To check that out, you can use a program called "memtest". It can be downloaded from the internet and burnt as an ISO file onto a CD. You place the disk into the drive before starting the computer--it should be read before the Windows program starts and operate "independently". You might have to go into the BIOS and rearrange the order of reading options if it doesn't read the CD first. (To get into the BIOS you have to keep tapping on the "DEL" key as soon as you turn on the computer). If the memory is faulty then, of course, it has to be replaced.
2. A virus might have hit you below the belt (a software problem)---did you work with anti virus protection at all times? If not, you might be in real hot water. I know there are ways to handle such an issue--but I don't know them. Try the virus advisers at DaniWeb--they are real knowledgeable.
Of course, I could be off the mark. Hopefully, others are reading this thread and they'll pitch in with their goood advice too.
I'll keep following for developments.
All the best!!

You won't believe this--I just spent half an hour writing a response and when I sent it to you it disppeared. That happens to my mother all the time, but to me, rarely.
I don't have the strength or time to reconstruct my whole epistle so I'll be short:
1. Check your memory stick using "memtest". You can probably find instructions on how to do that by Googling.
2. If the memory stick is ok--you might have been hit by a virus. I can't help you with that but hopefully, someone who can is reading this thread.
Here's to the best....

What do you know-my original answer re-appeared.

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