My ATi X300 SE (PCIe) packed up yesterday someone screwed it up by accident and I need help installing this other graphic cards that I have. I've got an nVidia GeFore 6600 GT manufactered by MSI or whatever they're called. So I put it in my computer and turned it on. Everything was kind of laggy at first but I was able to use the computer with basic drivers. I downloaded the latest forceware drivers from nVidia and while I was installing that screen flickered, went black and came back but the mouse was stack and there were a few lines across the screen. I waited about 5 minutes, and nothing happened, so I decided to reboot the computer. I rebooted and about 20 seconds past the login screen it got stuck again. I rebooted again and I get the same result except it's at the Windows loading bar. The same happens with both Vista and XP. (And when I installed I was using XP, so don't blame Vista).

My computer specs are
2,5 GB RAM
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
80GB Maxtor HD running XP MCE 05
200GB Baracuda HD running Vista Ultimate
And graphics card obviously the nVidia GeForce 6600 GT

Please help me fix this.. I really want to use my computer again.

Thanks in advance,


alryt mate, i had some driver problems too before i even got to the vista desktop, both video and sound, but back to the problem at hand

When you first boot, can you see the POST/BIOS? if so, the card is working, and the mobo is happy with it, i.e. the basic video driver functions correctly, however, when vista first loads, one of the first things it will do is load its own drivers, and i, like you encountered problems here.
Maybe vista is still loading the catalyst rather than the forcewere, but that dnt mata, cos u need a fix

Do wot i do everytime iv had a big fat driver problem - run the recovery functions on your vista cd, system recovery/startup problems etc, and if that dznt help, im afraid to say your looking at a reinstal mate.

BTW is yor copy of vista retail or OEM? mines OEM

Let me no how it goes, the amount of help iv had form this site, ill do my best to return the favour!

Well it's not just Vista, it's XP aswell. I can see the Post BIOS screen and stuff, and basic VGA drivers do work, but while installing the forceware drivers the computer crashed. So I rebooted it and it would lock up with artifacts sometimes at or after the login screen. I had to use safe mode to remove the drivers so I could access normal mode without the forceware drivers being loaded. I tried installing it last year aswell, but even after 2 windows reinstalls it didn't work, so I don't think a reformat would be the solution.


So u are able to use ur PC without the forcewere drivers? But presumably u need them for the performance. Ok im gessing uv tried windows update on vista, so the easiest thing i can think of is to w8 for the next forcewere drivers. BTW u did uninstall everything ATi related? i.e. CCC, drivers, devices (inc. ones that are unrecognised)

Lol if u arent prepared to w8 (who would be)Have a look at your MS config, (search the start menu), and check that the start up options are set to normal or safe boot. If this is the case, what mobo u using? it might be worth checking the manufacturers site for updates, as this can often help.

Sorry if what im sayin isnt helpin, but theres so many things it could be, for example the card itself could be faulty, or the BIOS could just need updating, without really knowing the rig its hard to tell.

Let me know how it goes anyway, as i say, i may not be able to help but ill try.

Good luck man

PS OEM or retail? if its OEM it may be a liscencing issue. Did u try the recovery options on the DVD?

Erm, I talked to a friend he thinks that it's a power issue, and I guess he's probably right, why else wouldn't it work? I think it needs more power when the drivers are on. I bought my vista on the internet from windows market place so it isn't OEM, and I don't have any licensing issues anyway. As I said before I'm doing all this on XP in any case, just to be safe.

good point, like i was saying it may be a hardwar issue, such as a faulty card, or yes the power supply, wots ur PSU?

But yeh, wen the propr drivers are running, the card will function fully, i.e. utilizing its features such as pipelines etc, rather than just running as a 'standard' VGA. i remember i never herd the fan on my x1950 untill the ATi drivers were there

And if uv reinstalled too, then its unlikely to be a software issue. Wot PSU u using? if its just a generic model ull want to check the 12v rails to see how reliable it will be under strain.