Hi I have an apple powerbook G4 1.67GHz 15" Screen etc.... (a1138).

I bought it and am working on it (fix computers here and there)

I had to replace the bottom case because it had a few large dents (one was by the charging port so I had to buy a new bottom).

I also bought a new charger because it did not come with one.

I took everyting out (being careful, anti-static mat and etc....)
Replaced everything in the new case.

When I went to power it on, nothing.

I woke up, and had a dream that I forgot to screw down the down cable from the charging area. The dream was right so I screwed it down. Went to power it on, and head the speaker making a weird buzzing sound, so I unplugged it and it turned off. I returned it on and the speaker did it again but I could here it making booting sounds through the buzzing in the left side speaker. With my headlight I could see the screen barely and could move the mouse around and etc. I turned it off and messed with the cables to hope to brihten the screen but I went to turn it back on and nothing.

I also need to mention that the battery on the bottom (where if you press the button then it will show how much juice is left) does nothing when you press it. So I do not think it is charging. But with a volt meter I could see it is sending a current down to it. I also checked a few capacitors on the mobo and they are recieving power.

I looked online some said a hard reset would work, it did not. I tried resetting the ram, nothing. Another form said that a 45watt charger would not work after a while (what I bought) so I am wondering if I should buy the 65watt charger (on the fourm it was a mac support person or somthing that told him to try it).

Thanks for the help in advance!! :)

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ok, I moved it to the apple hardware & device section... hope that helps...

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