As a Mac user and minor maintenance man on XP machines for friends and family, pardon my ignorance on this Windows 7 issue.
I bought my father an Iomega portable 320GB HDD for Father's Day For his new HP machine with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. He wants to deny access to all but himself. Easy for me on a Mac. Been searching and all I can find is command line stuff that is well beyond his capabilities and I won't be here to take this into my own hands after a week. Nor do I want to go into command line for stuff he may need or want to change.
All I want is to set permissions for the external HDD to him and him only. He'll give the access info to my mother in case of emergency.
I've checked to see what format this Iomega is and it is only, by default, NTFS when attached to a Windows machine (haven't tried it on my Macs so I don't know what it would do then). Doesn't give the option to use FAT32. Manual documentation says No formatting needed for Windows, only OSX.

One more minor question if someone has time. I know how to Move, Not Copy nor make aliases, AKA shortcuts in OSX from one machine to another, but haven't figured what key(s) to press when dragging from his HP to the Iomega to just Move or Just copy. No shortcuts needed as they wouldn't do any good having the original, that the shortcut points to, being on another machine.

Thanks for any help on this,

to set permissions, right-click the drive, choose properties.
choose the security tab and go from there.

for just moving something, right-click it, choose cut, then right-click where you want to move it to and choose paste

commented: To the point and easy. +5

That was simple. For both.
Thanks skilly.
If I run into any issues with the external, I'll let you know.

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