My computer has been fine since i bought it, Which is just over a year now, one night i was on the computer watching TV, browsing playing games, everything i'd normally do and nothing out of the ordinary happened, i went to work the next day came home and turn't the computer on to find that my TV would not display anything for the computerit stayed displaying "no PC input", i figured it could've been because the VGA cable had come out so i re connected both of them properly and tried again, Each time i tried the same event occured, i could hear the computer booting up, Hear windows loading and could hear skype etc logging in but no visual display on my TV.

When turn't on with the card in, the fan does spin on the graphics card and also the LeD which i have under the fan.

So fair i've tried updating the drivers while using the onboard card but the driver says that the proper hardware cannot be found, i've tried the card in my brothers computer and he gets a different problem, which is his computer won't even try to boot.

I was wondering does anyone know what could've gone wrong, ruling out Over heating as my computer is always below room temp and also cleaned using an air compressor consistantly (Carefully ofc) and also if they can be fixed at all.

There are a lot of components on a graphics card, trying to diagnose which one has caused the problem is a time consuming thing to do. Replacing it will be your best bet by far!