Hi.. Thank you for reading this. I can't get windows xp home to work. I restart, windows loads and 5 seconds later it freezes. mouse, keyboard the whole thing. I went into startup in safe mode and removed a couple useless items and now i get that window when windows loads, i click do not show again and thats all i can do before it craps out.
Any idea's? I installed an epson printer about a week ago and it's working fine, also installed a second HD and after installing it, this happened but after a couple restarts puter worked fine.. Now, nothing will work..
I'm desperate!!!!!!
ps.. i'm on my laptop now, also.. puter works fine in safemode.. mouse keyboard are recognized and all is well..



I've never tried this in safe mode, but let's see if it works.

Boot into safe mode. Start >> Run >> type: msconfig >> go to the Startup tab >> click Disable All >> Reboot your system.

If it boots fine, great! You know your issue is the result of one or more of the programs in that startup list. From this point, I would enable one by one to figure out which one causes issues.

However, if the problem persists, it's most likely an operating system issue. In that case, and again I've never done this in safe mode: Insert your XP CD in the CD-ROM and boot into safe mode, Start >> Run >> type: sfc /scannow >> Reboot.

Let us know how it all turns out.