hi every one its sems i have the same prob i hope to find the answer her because i serf the all net but no one can tell me what should i do this is bref for my prob"((... i was updating my bios forD850mvintel from winXP .
i install the updating then my pc do restart after that i have nothing ..... when i start my pc i have 3 beebs lik that teet ..teet ..teet
untel know i dont know what to do i try flash it by download te updating into floppy A:\ but the bios it self not working so how do i floshit or restor it ... i replace the JP and removing battery ..etc nothing work .. :!: :!:

Oh dear!

It sounds like you've had a power interruption whilst the system was updating. When that happens the motherboard is rendered unable to function. You'd best get it checked at a repair shop or the place you purchased it from. It will probably require either a new BIOS chip fitted or replacement.

when flashing the bios it is best to do it from the dos prompt and not from within windows. try re-flashing the bios.

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