Im looking for the answer of where the damage might be, the toshiba portege 3110ct was given to me as a donation since i have a donations site since im studying software engineering in mexico. I hope i can get this machine running so that i can give it back to the donor and just charge him for the repair, but the problem is that i dont know where the problem might be. Today i tested the plug that comes after the transformer and it is throwing 15v dc as it should be so the main source is not the problem. Does any one know if the computer has a fuse on board that might have been burned by a spike. Any help will be highly appreciated. Carlos amaya aguirre. Always looking for donations (books, software, hardware, in any condition).

Just for curious people, I found a fault on the system, precisely where you plug in the power source, there is no contact so the computer canĀ“t get any power. I will adapt a connector from a store like Radio Shack to have a better connector at the in port of the machine and I will report any news. For now the motherboard has shown signs of vital start up which is an advance. Remember that I receive all kinds of donations (books, hard disks, and all related). This forum or place is great. It allows users from all over the world to share useful knowledge. I hope to have more time to share my experiences and knowledge with others. You can find me at: <snip>