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I just installed a New Western Digital 80GB HD in my Toshiba Tecra A1. To test it, I started to load up Fedora Linux as an OS. Linux saw the drive ok and everything seemed to be ok. I halted the install as I need to load it up with WinXP (work related). I now have the Windows install CD and have attempted to load it, but now all I am seing is a flashing curser at boot-up. The CD starts to spin-up as if it's going to begin the install, then nothing. I tried the old harddrive (to test the CD drive) and it works fine, so I know the CD drive is ok. The BIOS settings are correct. I'm thinking I have somehow mucked up the information at the beginning of the harddrive when I began, but did not finish, the Fedora install. I've tried installing Fedora again, but the same thing happens (flashing curser). Any thoughts of how to fix this?


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Oh for...

Why is it you can spend hours troubleshooting something, and then figure it out moments after asking for help..

Ahh well....ignore...problem resolved.

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