I did see this thread before, but since it was an old post, decided to start a new one.
I have a Toshiba Satellite A85 Laptop. Battery, charger and port are all fine. Cleaned
fan and heat sinks applied new heat sink compound to CPU. Laptop CPU still runs at 100%
then shuts down. Idle can last all night but running anything will make CPU stay at 100%.
Replace CPU with a new one (refurbished). no change. Possible bad new CPU? or am I over looking something?

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Try using a live CD and see if the PC exhibits the same behavior. If it does'nt then it is a software problem not a hardware one.

My gues is, tha there is a good probobility of virus infection in windows software.

faroukmuhammad sujested realy good way to test this. Just gooogle up some live cd and after writing it to disc, run on that pc so test it. If it's a saftware problem, then you may consider formating HDD and reinstaling Operating system.

By the way what are you calling "shuts down" pc turns of emediatly after a wile or you see closing aps and looks like a real shuts down?
If it turns of emediatly, then my guess is CPU overheats after a 100% load for a wile. And you may look for the dust in fan and coolin grid or lokking foe better cooler.

But it's just my guess.

CAn you check why application is running your CPU up to 100%? You might want to do a scan with malwarebytes .

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