Hi all. I had a comp. savvy person flash my extra wireless router (WRT54G v8) with DD-WRT I think so I could use it in other rooms, like a bridge I guess, but I'm basically just using it instead of a wireless adapter. It's been cable connected to my HTPC for a while working great, receiving wirelessly from my main router (Verizon wireless router). Suddenly it won't connect to internet anymore. I also tried it on other pc's in other rooms where I tested it before I hooked up the HTPC and it wont get Internet there anymore either so I know the HTPC is not the problem.
I'm wondering if it could have something to do with changing my Verizon router. Verizon router stopped working a while back, tech suport was no help, so they sent me a new one. The new one was doa (wouldn't even power) and while switching them I found a reset button on the first one which fixed it (so much for tech suport). So I'm still using my original Verizon router now, all pc's work fine, but since then I can't get online with the Linksys. Coincidence?
I build my own pc's but I'm a basic user with limited geek skills so I need help on these things. The lighting on the front doesn't look abnormal, (Lt to Rt) power light on, DMZ light off, WLAN light on, then 4 ethernet and 1 internet lights off except for the one I plug ethernet cable into from the pc. Any Ideas here?

Found the answers on another website. My suspisions were correct, somehow the settings got messed up around the same time I worked on my main router and thus my linksys stopped funtioning.

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