I have a Gateway P-6860FX. The operating system is Vista.

I believe I need a new battery.

If I buy a new battery how long should the charge be after it first fully charged?

"If I buy a new battery how long should the charge be after it first fully charged? "

i know you meant something else when you wrote that ?

im guessing you meant how long will the charge last!

you should charge it fully and they drain it fully 2 to 3 time
so charge it unplug it and use it till it goes dead ,then repeat that 2-3 times to set battery

Yes, try to completely drain and recharge (overnight charge) the battery a couple of times but don't be surprised if that doesn't totally heal the problem. Based on the model number of your lappy it seems like it is a couple of years old. Most batteries are designed to work well and hold a charge for about a year (depends on how often you recharge the battery and use it). After that it could significantly begin to degrade and hold less charge. You probably need to replace your battery every 18-24 months.

my Compaq 4 1/2 yrs old ,original battery ,still runs for a little over an hr on the original battery

The amount of time it takes for your battery to fully charge depends on many factors, like your battery type and operating system. Many newer laptops will charge in 15 to 20 minutes, while others can take a few hours.

When charging my dell 1545 battery for the first time,I charged it fully for 30 to 40 minutes before using it.

For your Gateway P-6860FX,you may have to go through a battery cycle a couple times before your battery begins performing at its maximum capability. To do this, charge your battery fully, let it discharge to about five percent, and then fully charge it again.

@caperjack I too have a 3 eyar old laptop that runs for about 55 mins on its original battery. Different laptops and different batteries run and last very differently.

@jems - any news? if your issue is solved please mark this thread solved :)

I'm using a Blue H1 netbook. I also have problems with its charger.

After pluggin the AC adapter, the battery will charge as shown in the taskbar. After I think 5 minutes, the fully charge light indicator lights up. When I unplug, the battery status is just in the 80% range.

My problem is that my netbook unit is already phased out. Would it be okay if I just removed the cell battery and permanently plug my netbook?

Hope to hear from any of you soon.

so if the battery charges to 80% then use it on the battery till it dies and recharge it again .and again ,also it would not matter if you removed the battery and just used it plugged in ,good luck