There is strange problem occur this ester when i was working quite normal last night at my Dell XPS M1330 Laptop and did properly shutdown. After one hour when I want to work again I push the start button but strange thing occur that it shows blue light at start button and bettry place at the front but for 3 seconds and then disappear there is no anymore any screen display rather again shutdown without any delay.

I am using Windows 7 and I do not know what do do now. Because system is unable to start.
I have look over AC adapter it shows blue light with the battery light blue permanently while connected to power supply.

Please help me I have no experience with this Dell machine problem.

My main problem that this machine is not starting anymore even after pressing the start button further.

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Is it still under warranty? If so, get Dell to repair it.

No it not under warranty. It was a new machine I buy it second hand machine.
How I can find dell in Switzerland Z├╝rich.

Kinldy write me.

Thanks in advance

That may be a problem. Those XPS machines are unreliable. I have a friend who is a Dell repair engineer, I will have a word with him the next time I see him.

Kindly tell me what should I do in this case?

Well, from what he has told me before about those machines, the 2 most common problems are motherboard failure and power socket failure. neither are cheap to get repaired.

You would be best getting it to a local computer repair shop for fault diagnosis.

Hi Mushak,

Do you see a light on the front of the machine where the battery is (the battery indicator light) when the power supply is plugged in?

If not then your power connector inside the machine is more than likely faulty.
This will need to be replaced (unsoldered from board, removed, & new one soldered in place), or you will need a new power supply.

Hope this helps.


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