I work for a railroad. We use a brand of data recorders to log events on the locomotives that write the data to SRAM cards (PCMCIA format). The trouble I am having is that new laptops don't come with PCMCIA slots. I need to find a device that lets me read the memory cards via USB.

I see a Quantum offering on the web, but at closer inspection, I see that it is meant for certain wireless networking cards and feedback from users says that it won't read memory cards.

Anyone out there have a solution they are using?



i don't use them myself ,and not even sure if it will work ,just reads like it will ,at 200 bucks each,it should i guess

its only 16 bit pcmcia,will not work with 32bit pcmcia cards .

Surely it would be a better idea to get laptops with pcmcia slots?!?

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