I am working on a friends Dell Latitude D610 that suddenly lost all video.

Failure mode was described as:
using the computer on lap, it got very hot all of a sudden, video started to go fuzzy so the computer was shutdown. Once the computer cooled down for a while (approx. 30 minutes) a reboot was attempted and there is now no video.

Troubleshooting already completed:
I checked dells website and determined that POST is completing with no errors.

The battery MAY need to be replaced based on the laptop battery indicator and the light sequence and the battery it self.

There is no video on an external monitor even after toggling through all the display modes using Fn+F8 (denoted CRT/LCD).

I believe the computer is running because the computer will stay powered on until the power button is pressed and held to force shutdown and I can hear the hard drive being read

I have tried running with and without the battery inserted and with/without the AC adapter connected and get the same result.

I am thinking it is a video card issue, any ideas?

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Try some different ram in it, if that makes no difference then it's probably going to need a new motherboard.

I tried some working when taken out of service ram and there is no change. I know the latitude D610 was manufactured with several different motherboards, does anyone know if the swap has to be one for one or can I use any part number that dell has used for the model?

The other thing I noticed is that the screen does not even flash on then off like the back light is turning on, I am still leaning more toward a motherboard issue since even the outboard video is not working

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