Hi and here it is in a nut shell. Desktop PC fan always comes on with the normal quick push of the power switch but sometimes the mobo doesn't. When it happens I'll hold the swith in till the fan goes off and then try to fire it up again but not so fast on the button this time. I hold the button in for a sec or two till I see led's lighting up so I know the mobo is booting and all is fine.
Thus the question: Is it in the switch or the psu? Any ideas? Whatever it is, it's gotten a little more freaquant but I've never had a psu only power the fan unless the button is held in longer. I built it over 5 years ago for the folks but they only used it maybe 10 times so they gave it back to me 2 months ago. So it's very low use for its age.

hi,try over riding the switch ,if you follow the power switch wire to where it plugs into the mother board ,remove the wire and use a small screwdriver to jump the two pins on the motherboard see how quick it comes on ,good luck

Ok, when I do that I just touch-n-release right?

Ok, when I do that I just touch-n-release right?

yes,just touch the two pins at the same time with a screwdriver and release

But be careful that you don't touch any other components on the mobo! Otherwise, you may let the magic smoke out! :-(

It's the PSU is defective try other one......

It's starting right every time (by jump or switch) now that I'm trying to make it happen. It's trying to make me go postal. Since it's not set up as power hungry pc I could get away with buying an inexpensive psu and I wouldn't be out much money if that's not the problem, and I'd use somewhere else eventually. So what do you guys think as far as probability?
Update: The pc is at my brothers house cuz he needed one so I've been trying to diagnose this over the phone, giving instructions and getting feedback. I assumed the case fan was the one running when the pc didn't boot but to be sure I asked him again, now I find out he doesn't now for sure which one it was. It's difficult to operate this way but I really appreciate the help as my skills are limited. So should I just try the psu swap?

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